Reduce Waste In Your Home

Reduce Waste In Your Home

Have you observed how much waste occurs during the day on the food we consume, personal needs, etc.? There are lots of ways we can do our part for our planet. The step before recycling is to reduce waste. Every little step makes a huge difference in our lives. You can be a pioneer of awareness-raising change this year with little tips we’ll give you.

-Reduce waste first, recycle as a last resort.
Reducing consumption before recycling is a more important step for our environment.

-Learn to repair rather than discard.
Keep simple repair materials in your home. Let’s try fixing a broken item before you throw it away and buy a new one.

-Make a meal plan.
You can shop for food by your list by planning meals in advance. This prevents excess food from being discarded by spoiling.

-Avoid disposable items
Do your best for the future of our world by refusing to use disposable plastics and straws.

-Prefer secondhand clothing
You can choose second-hand clothing to support sustainability and minimize the environmental impact of fast fashion.

-Buy e-books instead of paper boks.
You can read your boks and magazines digitally to avoid wasting paper.